Thursday, June 4, 2009


AHHH..... The pool. We had a APX pool party at Cherise's parents house in Spokane, WA. Thanks Cherise. We had alot of fun. Mason enjoyed riding the four-wheeler with Lucus and jumping on the tramp with Lucus. ( Pretty much anything with Lucus) Mckenna really liked the pool. She sat in the little floaty for an hour. She also liked riding the four-wheeler with Mason. Aric had a good time rough housing with the guys, doing guy things. LOL. I enjoyed sitting next to the pool watching Aric and the kids. Sun tanning, oh ya. I put two coats of sunscreen on Mckenna but it didn't seem to help. My poor baby was fried. She was so red. I felt so bad. I guess she got her daddy's skin. Mason got a tan with one coat of sunscreen. Go figure. Aric was very fried. He was quite upset afterwords ( as were quite a few others) that he didn't put sunscreen on. We all insisted on geting a tan. In return we were all burnt. Including me. But on the bright side my pasty white legs got some color. Even if it was red. Thanks to everyone who was there. Special thanks to Cade for playing with Mason in the pool. He had alot of fun.
P.S. Brit Emmy looks so cute in her little hat.


  1. Ahh! Now we just need to do our Payson Pool trip. :) Poor little Kenna. I bet she was a grumpy girl the next day.

  2. i thought that she would be really fussy and upset but she wasn't at all. You would think that she was fine.

  3. hey nat! I am so glad you have a blog! mine is I am so excited to come see you! how was your trip home? miss you -Krista